Many people who compete are given a bjj school or team Bjj Gi patch to be put on their Jiu Jitsu Gi. Some people just like to have Cheap Jordans a cool patch on their Bjj Gi for whatever the reason may be. But con we are all guys here, we are fighters and we don sew. So you get stuck not knowing what to do or how to sew on your Bjj Gi patch. Well I won go into too much detail but I will mention the most common mistake of sewing on your Gi patch.

So the most common mistake most people make when trying to sew on their Bjj Gi patch is that they do not fold the patch. For example, when you get a typical Bjj Gi patch the sides of course will have little strings hanging out which could ruin your Gi patch and just does not look cool. To have that sewed on like that on your Bjj Kimono will make you look terrible. Too many people sew on their Gi patches the wrong way. So like I said before make sure you fold your Gi patch before you decide to start sewing it on. Pretend your patch is of square shape. Well fold each side one by one just a little bit so that it is folded before it is sewed on. One side will be overlapping the other which is perfectly fine. This will prevent any of those nasty strings hanging out and now you can look cool with your new Bjj Gi patch on.